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Time Tours offers well-researched and entertaining guided tours of Richmond, Tasmania. Our tours have been developed through extensive research undertaken with incredible interest and passion. We offer an evening tour of Richmond, which focuses on gossip and corruption with the occasional ghost story thrown in. There are two part-day tours to choose from and a full-day tour with city pick-up is in development. Our tours will run with a minimum of two people. Additional times and dates may be negotiated - feel free to give us a call.

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Cemetery Tour

Among other things, cemeteries are a kind of archive containing fascinating information about social values and social divisions, daily life, community health and even the convict experience. They tell us a lot about our own society too. What can we learn about life in Richmond in the 1800s from its three historic cemeteries? Our latest tour, 'Beginning at the End' begins to consider the answer to this question by looking at the stories of some of the people buried at Richmond's St Luke's, St John's and Congregational Cemeteries.

Part of our preparation has been taking aerial images of the larger cemeteries using a drone. Click here to read our latest blog entry and see the 3D model of St Luke's Cemetery.

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